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A Little Something for the Single Sistas

Prayer for the Unmarried Woman of God

Father God, in the precious name of Jesus Christ, I come before You in the most humble and earnest way that I know. I come before You realizing that You know my thoughts, and even as I lift my prayer and praise before thee this very second, I am known of You. I thank You for forgiving my fleshly iniquity and my transgressions, for I know sin is designed to destroy, so I must capture my thoughts and align myself with Your Word to be the light you have called me to be. I praise You this day for Your awesomeness, Your omnipotence, Your kindness, and the mercy and grace of which You have allowed my existence.

I realize that I am very precious to You, and that You have made great abundance available to me through Your son, Jesus Christ. Abundance in every aspect of life is Your desire for me, and the lives of every Christian. I acknowledge that everything I need, You have already provided; therefore the lack is within my own mind, heart, and soul.

I come boldly before You asking to be blessed with wisdom as I study Your Word, so that I will not be blind to the lessons I need to learn. I pray that I will learn those lessons well and use them to cultivate my very best self for the uplifting of Your kingdom. For I understand that seeking Your kingdom must be my primary goal at all times, and only then will I have the things I desire. Help me also to use that wisdom and the manifestation of revelation to make decisions that will not cause me sorrow in the future, but rather the riches of Your magnificent glory.

I expect no less than the best, understanding that if the best is expected, it must be presented. I understand, Father, that I need to grow into an awesome woman of God before I can request an awesome man of God.  I need to sharpen my talents and abilities to the point that I am confident, strong, and packed with believing power. Then together, my future husband and I can stand firmly back to back, prepared and fully armed against the weapons of the enemy.

Help me to reach a level of Christian maturity that allows me to see a brother who means me no good a mile away. Let me not waste my precious time on the non-sense of his pointless rap and his devilish interest in only the curves of my wonderfully made vessel. I don’t have to allow impatience to prompt questions like "Is this the one for me?" I need only see evidence that he is committed to assisting me to stand firm in Godliness. This will be the determining factor of whether he is, or is not a presentation from You.

So while I am patiently waiting and concentrating my efforts on spiritual and self growth, I pray You will call Your Word to my remembrance when I fall short. Every day please teach me those things that will help me to be the best that I can be and therefore the kind of help-mate one of Your most valued treasures deserves. And when I am fully ready according to Your standard, please present to me a Godly man who will love me as Jesus Christ loves the church. I pray that his physicality will be pleasing to me, and that he will be well prepared to share and grow with me; that he will be compassionate and fully committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to me. I know that if I have committed myself to You rightly, then it is impossible for me to be disappointed. So I thank You for my husband-to-be.

And I thank You, God, and praise You to the highest for how You have so magnificently blessed me all of my days. Even though I stand without a mate at this moment, I am not alone, and therefore not at all single. I can rejoice whether I have or have not because I am saved from the ultimate consequence of sin. I can wait patiently each day by being a blessing to the body of Christ, and enjoying the beauty of who I am in Christ.

I praise You for Your awesomeness, and thank You for Your love.

In the name of Jesus Christ I pray.

Prayer For Single Christian Women
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