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Prayer For My Estranged Husband

Father God,
I have tried everything I know to save my marriage and I feel as though I have exhausted all my resources. There are so many questions and thoughts crowding my mind that I can hardly think logically any more. I have reacted foolishly and impetuously because I have allowed jealousy and anger to cloud my judgment. I have lowered my standard of womanhood to the degree that I appear to be a powerless victim while she, appearing to be the victor, enjoys the warmth of my husband’s care. And I ask myself repeatedly, how will I be able to stand in the midst of this tremendous loss. I can’t imagine that there is a greater hurt than this.

I know, God, that You have already given me everything I need to be victorious in every situation. And I understand that this is not about her; it’s not about my children, and it’s not about him. It is about me and my walk with You. I have not properly exercised spiritual muscle, and now that I am faced with a crisis, I realize how spiritually out of shape I am. But You have not left me unequipped to handle this. Your plan teaches me how to rise and be more than a conqueror; to see beyond any earthy battle and understand that this is an opportunity for me to reach a greater level of Christian maturity.

I relinquish this situation to You. I cannot control another person’s actions or thoughts, but I CAN control my own. To get my groove back, I must quiet my mind of everything, and in so doing, I am making a commitment to seek You first, for that is the pre-requisite to an answered prayer. It won’t be easy. There may be some crying days ahead, but I am determined to be the woman You have called me to be. I will saturate my mind with uplifting passages of scripture. With each passing day I will become stronger and stronger. Even though I may not feel it, my spiritual inner-woman will manifest it. I will not face another day being the spiritual weakling I once was. I will arm myself with Your Word. I will concentrate on making myself spiritually fit just as an athlete would do in preparation for competition. I will maintain my appearance, and be the Ms. Thang' I know to be. I will focus my energy on parenting and cultivating my creative abilities and skills, thereby resisting this vicious attack on my family by the enemy. I will trust You utterly and completely to handle every aspect of this situation.

And then, when my priorities are in tact and my mind is in a place of Godliness and strength, I will not attempt to take my eyes off of You and place them on my husband. I will pray for him, not out of desperation, but out of concern for his spiritual walk.  I pray God, that You will set about a course to save my marriage. That You will use Your every available resource to deliver my husband from this trap of sin and iniquity. You know the exact words of transformation he needs to hear.  I pray that the folk who will speak these ministering words to his heart will come across his path. Set also in his path, Dear God, those things that will fondly remind him of our precious children and our life together. Please do the things that only You can do to bring him to a place of repentance.

Bless me with the wisdom to see past my hurt feelings, so that I may be strong and packed with believing power. Give to me, Lord, opportunities to calmly and lovingly communicate my desires of restoration to my husband. I have adequately placed the Word in my heart and mind; so now I may use the light of Your Word to justify my standing, and not to be accusatory; I will not use it as venom, or for spite.

Know that it is the belief in my husband’s decency and his manhood that I pray this prayer. But if I have been blinded by my own weakness, and have not realized that he is not a man worthy of the awesome woman of God I have become, TEACH ME. Teach me to get out of my own way, so that I may learn the lessons I need to learn, and see the things I need to see with mature, spiritual eyes. Only then will I re-direct my energy to attract a positive brother, rather than the one who means me no good.

I must not allow my impatience to prompt questions like "Is he the man for me?" or "Will he change?" I need only stand firm in Godliness, and make sure my children and I are adequately cared for. If I have done these things according to the standard of your Word, I need not worry, for it is impossible for You to fail. In not to great a time, either he will come home and be a better father and husband, or he will choose to give up the gift of our family. Either way, I AM COMPLETE IN CHRIST. AMEN.


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